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A comprehensive service level agreement is an essential requirement for the provision or receipt of any important service. It quite simply defines the parameters for the delivery of that service, for the benefit of both parties.

The quality of the agreement is therefore a matter of substantial importance. It must be complete, comprehensive and accurate in its coverage. Importantly, both parties must UNDERSTAND the contents and their obligations described within.

But where do you start? How do you establish what is required? How can you quickly understand the basics? How can you quickly create an appropriate service level agreement?

The answer is with The SLA Toolkit. This comprises a number of essential elements: a template for you to populate; a guide to take you through the template step by step; a PowerPoint presentation to help you understand the concepts; a checklist for any existing agreements you may have; an introduction to service level management.

The SLA Toolkit is designed to make creation and maintenance of your service level agreements so much easier. It is provided in MS-Word format that it can be readily customized and can now be purchased online and downloaded immediately.

See below for some sample pages from the kit itself:

A full SLA template is included, in MS-Word format. Each section is linked to by the Interactive Guide for explanation, and can be accepted 'as is' or edited as required.

Service Level Agreement Template

Sample Page

The interactive guide takes you through the template step by step via a series of links (like web links). It explains each and every segment and section making completion much easier.

SLA Guide

Sample Page

Included in the kit is a full presentation (PowerPoint) introducing service level agreements. It carefully explains what should be covered, the different elements, etc.

SLA Presentation

Sample Page

The questions in the SLA audit checklist take you through a service level agreement checking for quality, content and completeness.


Sample Page

A service level agreement is actually part of a wider process called 'Service Level Management'. This presentation explains the theory.

Service Level Management

Sample Page

The SLA Toolkit of an exceptional aid for the creation of a service level agreement.

However, it also helps you to better understand the background and the issues involved, as well as providing material to help maintain and manage the agreement in the future.

It is used by all types of organization in over 40 countries across the world.

 Purchase and Download

The SLA Toolkit provides a unique set of documents to jump start your service level agreements. Through use of the above elements you will not only have the means to produce a quality SLA in double quick time, but a valuable reference kit to help you manage and maintain service level agreement issues from a sound base of understanding in the future.

The SLA Toolkit can now be purchased and downloaded online, for immediate use and deployment throughout your organization:

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